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The VIDES for Youth Weekend was developed as a response to the request of young people and has been running successfully for 10 years.

The VIDES for Youth Weekend gives young people in Years 9-11 (England) and S3-S4 (Scotland)) the opportunity to come together and meet new friends from across the UK.  Our workshops and activities focus on Personal, Social and Spiritual Education.  Our young people meet new friends who come from a variety of backgrounds and local areas.  This often encourages young people to overcome barriers of prejudice and stereotypes.  VIDES UK places huge emphasis on belonging and acceptance and our activities encourage all of the young people to talk to each other and include everyone.  We also hope to build young people’s confidence, especially through the environment we create.
This year, the location for the VIDES for Youth Weekend will be Barnstondale Centre. Barnstondale, Wirral.

Download the VIDES UK for Youth Application.